The Leadership Effectiveness Factors (LEF’s) are the foundation of leadership at Kemps.  In 2006, Kemps embarked on a journey to define, develop, and implement a consistent standard for leadership throughout the organization.  Over the course of several months, senior leaders worked diligently to research and agree upon the most important leadership behaviors at Kemps.  The LEF’s and their descriptions are the result of this effort.

Today leaders at all levels are held accountable for demonstrating the specific behaviors outlined in the LEF descriptions.  The LEF’s are incorporated into our interview process, employee onboarding, performance assessment, individual development, and other business practices.  At Kemps, “what” gets done is not enough.  “How” it gets done is equally important.   Our ongoing success depends upon this leadership standard.

Kemps has identified six key leadership effectiveness factors (LEFs) which are built into job expectations, performance expectations and our daily interactions with one another.  The six leadership effectiveness factors are:

Establish Trust and Demonstrate Integrity
• Display authenticity and honesty in behavior
• Take a courageous and respectful stand on matters of principle
• Do what you say you will do
• Speak from evidence and experience rather than only opinion
• Safeguard sensitive information

Set Clear Direction
• Ensure clarity, simplicity and consistency in setting goals, initiatives, strategies
• Enable individuals to see how their efforts directly relate to Kemps objectives
• Deploy the right people to the best opportunities
• Eliminate low payoff efforts
• Provide consistent, clear and compelling oral and written communication
• Involve and engage others appropriately and effectively in setting direction

Grow Relationships
• Actively listen and inquire for understanding of the issue and person
• Consistently demonstrate genuine respect and value for others
• See people as individuals rather than resources
• Take the initiative to clarify misunderstandings and repair damaged relationships
• Demonstrate value for constructive dissent and differing points of view
• Seek opportunities to build cross-functional relationships and networks
• Encourage open communication and inclusion in decisions/planning

Focus on Results
• Track progress toward objectives and hold others accountable for their results
• Exhibit great perseverance in removing or overcoming obstacles
• Effectively employ available resources to ensure success
• Use a systematic process to learn from and share success and failure
• Recognize achievements on a regular basis and celebrate successes
• Balance short-term and long term goals and align them with Kemps goals

Cultivate Capabilities
• Consistently and accurately assess the performance of others/self
• Provide/seek constructive feedback through coaching and mentoring
• Seek and provide assignments and experiences for career development
• Self-assess and develop personal capabilities to meet job challenges
• Identifiy, reposition, hire, orient and engage high performing employees
• Identify underperforming employees and work to improve or remove them

Promote Innovation
• Seek, encourage, reward and take action on new ideas and approaches
• Benchmark current practices against better methods
• Pursue the implications of changes that would effect the organization
• Welcome divergent perspectives and diverse views
• Seek out new ideas and better information


“Kemps has a fun and relaxed atmosphere where the employees enjoy coming to the workplace each day.  This type of environment creates a workplace where employees work hard, hold themselves accountable for their daily responsibilities, collaborate and support one another.
-Dustin Fulton, Key Account Representative

Kemps rises above the competition because they encourage ALL of their employees to rise above.
-Monica Holcomb, Business Services Representative

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