Kemps values and recognizes its employees’ contributions to the organization through several recognition programs. Please contact your Human Resources representative for specific information regarding these programs and celebrations at your location.
Service Awards
Service Awards recognize employees for their years of service with the company. Individuals are recognized for incremental years of service. The company also hosts an annual Service Anniversary luncheon at each location where all recipients are recognized.
Spirit of Innovation Award

Innovation awards are designed to recognize a team of individuals who have generated very significant business results through innovation. Innovation Awards are reserved for those ideas that are a “step above” from what we expect from a team on a daily basis.
Achieving Excellence Award
The Achieving Excellence Award recognizes superior individual performance.  High performance at Kemps means not only exceeding expectations in one’s own job, but also enabling others to do the same through words and actions that are aligned with our Purpose Plan.
Be More Award
The Be More is designed to recognize employees who go above and beyond to live our values, exceed our standards, stand out from the crowd, and make an impact on the company and the community.
President’s Award
The President’s Award is given to a team or teams of individuals who, through extra effort and working well together, are able to achieve superior results for the company.  The President’s Awards are based upon three criteria:  difficulty of the task, excellence in communication, and results achieved.
Make.It.Better is an idea submission program designed to recognize individuals for applying our value of Innovation by helping Kemps find ways to make things better. We encourage all ideas and anticipate them to contribute to improved Safety, Quality, Productivity, Work Environment and Customer Satisfaction.

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