Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected a list of our most commonly asked questions.  Have a new one for us? Well, just Ask the Cows!

How does Kemps define “Organic”? What does “Organic” really mean?

Kemps “Organic Milk” is milk sourced directly from family farms that are certified organic by an independent certification agency.  The agency is independent of any milk plants or bottlers.   The cows that produce Kemps Organic Milk are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.  In addition, the feed and grain stock fed  to the animals that produce milk certified as “Organic” is never treated with herbicides or pesticides.

Are there different standards of how Organic cows are treated vs. non-Organic?

Organic cows feed in pastures and have pasture access (weather permitting).  They are not given any feed that is treated with herbicides or pesticides, nor are they given antibiotics or hormones.

Do you have a list of the specific farms where Kemps Organic milk comes from?

Kemps milk comes from a number of Organic Certified family farms.  We do not currently make public the names of individual farmers.

Who certifies Kemps Organic milk as Organic?

QAI (Quality Assurance International) is a leading USDA-accredited organic product certifying agency. Founded in San Diego, California in 1989, QAI has been an active leader in the organic industry, advocating for high integrity organic regulations since its beginning. QAI is commited to ensuring organic integrity at every link in the orgainic production chain and providing excellent customer service, domestically and internationally. Today, QAI is a member of the NSF International family of companies.

Where does the Organic milk come from for Kemps Organic milk?

Kemps is dedicated to sourcing milk from local family farms.  At least 90% of all Kemps Organic Milk comes from Organic dairy farms in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.  However, in times of shortage, Kemps may source a limited quantity of Organic milk from contiguous states to the west.

Where is Kemps Organic milk bottled?

Kemps Organic Milk is bottled locally in MN.

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