Treat Your Heart Out This Summer

Every scoop of Simply Crafted has an ultra-smooth, buttercream texture, and is bursting with crisp, clean flavors (we don’t believe in artificial flavoring or colors). Sure, it takes a lot more work to craft ice cream like this, but every bite is sooo worth it. Scoop some up today!

Now in Pints

There’s a little surprise waiting for you under the lid of New Simply Crafted Pints. A decadent layer of crumbled toppings, ready to be swirled into the sweetest of treats.

So Much Goodness!

Delicious straight from the carton, in a dish or melting over your favorite pie, cake or crumble.

Simple is Better

This is ice cream from a simpler time. Crafted with more of what you love — like juicy berries. And less of what you don’t — like high-fructose corn syrup. We use pure ingredients sourced from family farmers who love what they do, and you can taste the passion in every spoonful.

Partners in Cream

Dairy makes all the difference when it comes to ice cream. So we insist on only the best. We use fresh batches of raw sweet cream from local farms. Then carefully churn that goodness into a creamy, tongue-tingling treat you can dish up at home. We hope you love it as much as we do.