Schwalbe Family Farm

We’ve never bought a cow. Just rented a bull to breed. We’re still milking the same lineage my father did, 50 years ago.”

Schwalbe Dairy is operated by brothers Tony and George Schwalbe, just like their dad and uncle did before them. The Schwalbe’s milk 120 Holstein and Brown Swiss/Holstein crossbred cows and farm roughly 300 acres of alfalfa, corn and oats.

The Schwalbe family uses robotic milkers to help them keep up with all the work on the farm. The robots are always working, so the cows choose when they get milked. The cows walk into the milker, get milked and walk out. It’s all on their schedule. It’s better for the cows and it frees up the Schwalbe’s to take care of all the other farm work they need to get done.

Our milk is a lot better quality since we went to the robotic milkers. And since the barn is temperature controlled, the whole farm is more comfortable for the cows.”