Milkman Delivers

For over 90 years, Milkman Delivers has brought you the freshest milk and groceries right to your door.

Our Proud History is a network of independently owned and operated home delivery milk routes serving the greater Twin Cities area. We offer day fresh, hormone free milk that is picked up daily and delivered to your home. Bottled in the morning and in your refrigerator within 24 hours – It can’t get any fresher!

Home delivery of milk is convenient. Your milkman will work with you to find a weekly delivery time that is convenient for you. He will make sure that your family has the milk you want when you need it. Your milkman owns his own business, so your satisfaction is very important to him.

In addition to day fresh milk, your milkman also carries a variety of refrigerated and frozen foods to make your meal planning easier. From top quality frozen meats to restaurant quality frozen pies, your milkman can supply you with the delicious and convenient products that your family will love.

Delivering to an area near you
Q. Why is milk delivery service something I would need since I already buy milk at the store?
A. All our dairy products are day fresh. Fresher milk tastes better; there is no fresher milk than from your Kemps milkman. Our service allows you to plan your shopping so you only have to make 1 trip to the store each week. Most people go to the store for milk and bread several times during the week since these are the 2 most used items in the home. By saving you these extra trips to the store we will save you time and money.
Q. How do I order my milk and other groceries each week?
A. Your milkman will provide you with a handy order form to leave at your door for him when he arrives.
Q. How often can I receive delivery?
A. Most customers receive their delivery on the same day, once a week.
Q. What if I am not home to receive my delivery?
A. You milkman will work with your schedule to find a time to deliver when you will be home, or you can provide a cooler which will keep your milk cold until you return home.
Q. How is billing handled?
A. Most customers pay one week after their delivery. This gives you a chance to check your order to make sure that all the items ordered were received. Your milkman will work out a billing system that is convenient for you.
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