Alfalawn Farm

We have 14 family members that work on the dairy. So talk about a family farm. We really are a family farm.”

Alfalawn Farm is run by brothers Dave, Randy and Dale Styer. They’re still living and working in the same area that their great grandfather settled in the late 1850s. Today, the family milks more than 2,000 cows every single day.

The Styers want to make sure Alfalawn Farm is sustainable, so they use sand bedding for their cows. Sand is an extremely comfortable bedding and it’s reusable. The sand gets mixed in with manure, separated and then washed. That way they’re able to reuse 98% of the sand, use the manure as fertilizer and they can even recycle the water, so every gallon gets used over and over again.

It’s not about the money. Doing something you really enjoy isn’t always work. The more you like it, the easier it becomes.”